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Greg Rossini
Greg RossiniFormer policeman
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"I've been riding a motorcycle for the last 35 years, yet it seems there was still a LOT to learn. Thank you Steven and Mark (and everyone else) for bringing this amazing material online, and I hope to see you again soon! Greg"
Josh BeevanSafety Course Atendant
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"To make it clear, I'm a beginner in the motorcycling world (got my bike earlier this year). Your guide really helped clear up some questions I had, and I already found myself in a few situations where i applied what I learned. I wish I could rate you somewhere, solid 5 stars!!"
Rodrigo HernandezMotorcyclist
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"I never felt the need to attend a professional safety training course. A friend recommended I read this (Peter, maybe you remember him), so I went for it. I have to say, one of the best decisions I've made!!! Props for the convenient training tips!"
David PadgettMotorcyclist
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I bought two things for my bike this year. An airbag vest and this guide. They are somehow equally valuable to me lol. Great job 👍
Vikram RadeeshMotorcycle Medic
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I work as a First Responder on a Motorcycle. I attend courses regularly, so when I went through your course, I didn't learn anything new (nor did I expect to), but it was nice to freshen up on the theory. I have to say I'm very impressed by the overall content and quality. I would definitely recommend this guide to everyone, even seasoned riders.
Tina BelliniMotorcyclist
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Aaaaaamazing! So many useful things in such a practical form. I'm teach a Yoga class and I've implemented some of your exercises from the "Physical Preparation" guide. It really helps to keep your body prepared for the season (where I live we have long winters). If you create something else in the future, you can count on me to make another purchase!
Thomas FergDriving instructor
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Not much to say. Great read, great exercises, great examples. I recommend this to every student I work with. Really helps with their confidence on the road.
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We all know why we ride.
We all know the freedom that the road offers.
We all know the winds that calm your mind. There’s nothing quite like it.

As riders, we have to be aware of the risks and dangers on the road. The numbers speak volumes – for every mile travelled, we are 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than a car driver. 

But that doesn’t stop us from riding. It doesn’t stop us from reaching for the freedom that the roads offer. The freedom and experience of being one with the road; hitting  that perfect lean angle, feeling the adrenaline flow through your body.

And it shouldn’t stop us. We won’t stop riding. This is our way of life. This is our thrill, this is our party, this is our therapy – a force that drives us forward.

And it’s exactly why we need to limit our risks and improve our skills. To be safer and still get all the excitement from the road and return home safely to our loved ones.

We gathered a team of experts for everything motorcycle-related with one single goal in mind: To teach you everything you need to know about riding a motorcycle whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced rider who’s ready to bring his skills to the next level.

Over 94% of accidents are caused by human error and almost 86% of accidents can be prevented. And what would seem strange to almost everyone but Motorcycle Safety Instructors – 92% of all motorcycle accidents involve drivers who did not complete formal advanced motorcycle safety training.


"There is no room for compromises on the road and there is definitely no place for excuses. Be safer on the road and experience more by pushing boundaries - not by pushing risks."
Courses included

Choosing your motorcycle

Short or Tall? Light or Heavy? Specific accomodations exactly for your body?
There's a motorcycle for everyone.
Double check if you chose the right bike with our comprehensive guide.
Each Motorcycle type has its own characteristics. Similarly, every body has its own specifics. Your height and build, your hip mobility and back flexibility, your vision preferences ... we'll explain how you can use your body features in your favour!

And what's even better - there's no need to change to a new motorcycle. There are so many adjustments you can make to your motorcycle, it will feel like an entirely new motorcycle once you tune it up! Our guest writer for this section is Robert Johnson; a professional Motorcycle Safety Instructor and a specialist in body ergonomics!


Loose screw? Missing bolt? Brake fluid?
It’s really important to know where and how to check all the vital components.
We'll show you how to inspect your motorcycle like a professional in a few minutes!
This course is more about you than it is about your motorcycle. We will teach you how to inspect your motorcycle like a professional without taking more than few minutes. We will show you all the core points that have to be inspected and how to inspect them. We’ll cover different motorcycles and various equipment. Motorcycle failure is something that can cost us our lives and we should never underestimate this segment. Detecting wear & tear before it's too late takes some knowledge.

Be Seen. Be Safe.

Cagers (as we call car drivers) often don't see Motorcycles on the road. But helping others see you is only half of the equation. There's a lot you can do to predict potentially dangerous situations.
A significant portion of accidents can be prevented if we are aware that we are not alone on the road. Its not just about being aware of other participants - it's about anticipating their actions as well. We will go through some mental checkpoints and learn how to spot all other participants and their intentions.
We’ll teach you some tricks to keep your focus and mental preparation high even on longer rides. We'll show you how to be present in the moment and how to signal your presence in a non-intrusive way. We’ll inspect some different real-life situations and riders' reactions. Some fear is good but you should never be scared or panicked. We will teach you some exercises to control your fear and emotions in stressful situations in order to be able to react promptly when required. Building your self-esteem is crucial for understanding your limits and controlling them. You’ll learn how much reserve you need on the road and how to ride active - not aggressive.

Road & Weather conditions

Skilled motorcyclists can ride in any weather. Understanding the effect of gravel, salt in spring, wet asphalt on a sunny day, or cold roads in the winter. But even if you're among those who only ride in nice weather, you need to understand the basics of different road conditions to master your Motorcycle.
We will cover the basic riding conditions and what to expect under various circumstances. Together, we'll discover the traps that need to be avoided and what are the tricks to conquer the road in any condition. You will receive top tips and riding exercises that you can do any weather to prepare for unexpected. While bad weather can be annoying it can also be a lot of fun and an amazing opportunity to improve your skills and conditioning. We will get you ready for every condition, what to expect and how to adopt your riding style. By the end of this course you will be eager to take your beauty for a spin in the rain!

Vision and Sight

It is impossible to keep a good line and enjoyable turns without a proper head position and eye movement. The goal of this course is to teach you not only to watch but to see.
We will show you how you can practice you vision every day even when you are not on a motorcycle. How you can improve your vision and perception to ride better and to react better. Riding is a lifestyle and we can train every day so we are full prepared for every road situation. You will also receive a vision cheat-sheet to check before every ride and few practical videos on how to improve your sight.

Physical preparation

The physical stress of riding a motorcycle is no joke. There are some amazing exercises you can do when you can't ride your motorcycle.
And it's all backed by science!
The basic of any physical activity is a mental and physical strength.
While we can be amazing riders, our reactions depend on our momentary psychomotor abilities. That is why we need to take this into account and prepare for the ride. Not just before the ride and before the season but throughout the year. We will learn simple, fun and efficient exercises to be in great shape for riding. Riders often underestimate the importance of physical preparation mostly because we don’t want to “lose time” intended for riding. Although someone might see this as a boring part of the ride we can assure you this is the silent aspect that will bring your motorcycle skills to the top level.


Positioning quickly becomes second nature. If you look at professional racers - they drive in almost the same line. And it's the same on the road.
There's a defined list of best practices, and knowing them will certainly make a significant impact on your riding. Our guest writer for this section is Motorcycling Track Coach D. Josiah.
Your position on the motorcycle is vital for your riding performance. But how come professional motorcycle riders never think about their position and posture? With some experience, it becomes second nature.
And this is what the goal of this course is. Our goal is to teach you something you can't read in motorcycling books. Our goal is to share the practical experience of seasoned riders, and help you asses your knowledge of every subject.
Ultimate tips, tricks and exercises to find the perfect position for any motorcycle in any situation.


A smooth turn with perfect flow and stability is why most of us ride. The theory is pretty conclusive on this subject - but in practice things are not that simple. We will explain the basics and continue with real life examples, tips and tricks. Bonus topic: controlling the motorcycle with a passenger
We will go step by step, working through core points to focus on making perfect turns. Once we perfect the core points we will use the skills learned as a cheat sheet to improve every single turn. In just one day of practice on a parking lot you can learn to lean your motorcycle as a professional driver on a racing track. Of course that will be a single well trained maneuver, but during this practice you will learn core points that you can use on different types of turns. It becomes second nature. All of this in a safe environment to learn your limitations and raise the bar. If braking course is “the course” for your safety, this is the course for your pleasure. Even more, perfecting this skill in combination with braking can not only save your life, but make riding much more enjoyable.


If there is any area of motorcycling where theory itself can’t do much it is certainly braking. Of course you need to know the basics but here it is all about the experience and a feeling of confidence to make sure you never find yourself at the edge of your limits in a crisis situation.
This course is focused on practical examples, exercises and advices that will teach you how to brake like a pro. Braking skills are the skills that will save your life and are the most important factor in making you a confident rider. But is is not just about braking, we will combine the knowledge from other courses to teach you everything about stability and position, vision and sight, control and force. And you will go through all of this while honing your skills. The goal here is to gain high confidence, get to know your limits in a safe environment and master the skill of braking in all conditions. We will teach you how to test your limits and how to raise the bar higher. We will cover emergency and maximum braking, step by step to know exactly how to react and when. This is one skill that every rider must perfect and this is one skill that saved thousands of lives. If there is one curse that you can't afford to skip, this is the one.

Bonus Course

A surprise!
Top 5 secrets every rider should know


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Video: An interview with Kyle from the “Choosing your Motorcycle” Course

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Author & M. Instructor
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